Saturday, November 21, 2009

Russian machine never scared.


The last two weeks have been pure, undiluted hell, but I'm on vacation for the next six days.

I saw my doctor yesterday and she said I'd lost and kept off 20 pounds since my last visit and that it was a huge deal. "Keep it up," she said. "But do more cardio."

Took my blood to check my vitamin D. It's been really low despite the supplements I took, so she put me on drops in addition to the supplements. In August, my vitamin D was at 19. It should be 50 or higher. She gave me capsules to take but not until we get the latest results. She's also going to check my thyroid. She kept asking about it, about my family medical history, but I told her I'm adopted and don't really know anything. So she said she would run some thyroid panels, too. Now I'm all paranoid that I've got a thyroid problem.

Anyway, we're watching Paranormal Activity, so I'm going to down the rest of my Russian Imperial Stout and enjoy the shit out of this motherfucker. Aed does not like scary movies.

Aed said: I would not be tryin' to fuckin' film it. I would be fuckin' movin'.


Aed said...

Aed LOVES scary movies...she just finds them...scary.

turtle tracks said...

I love scary movies. I just DON'T find them scary! Well, most of them.