Monday, November 23, 2009

You won't die of a thousand fakes or be beaten by the sweetest of dekes.

This is some shit up with which I will not put. (Mucha traded to Kamloops.)

Okay, so I have no say in the matter. I’m still not happy. My only comfort is that I was able to witness the most amazing hockey game ever, and Mucha was between the pipes for all of it. I am, of course, referring to the Winterhawks’ November 7th Dash for Cash game against the Seattle Thunderbirds. Granted, I haven't seen a lot of (live) hockey, but I stilll know what great hockey is. And this was great hockey. No goals for either team in the first period, then Seattle scored a few minutes into the second. Chris Francis (the hero of this particular story) tied it up with a power play goal at around the 11 minute mark. Seattle got two more goals in the second, but Francis got his second goal of the night in the third period.

With less than a minute on the clock, a lot of people around us started to pack up and leave. "Can we go now?" my sister asked. I was horrified.

Me: No!
Grubs: Why not? It's almost over.
Me: It's not over until that clock hits zero.
Grubs: *scowls*
Me: Unless we score soon and tie it up. Then we go into sudden death.
Grubs: And after that?
Me: If nobody scores, we go into a shootout.

The final faceoff was in the Seattle end with less than three seconds on the clock. Francis got the puck and shot it right into the net, not only sending the game into overtime, but pocketing a nifty little hat trick as well. There was a couple sitting next to me who had been rooting for Seattle the entire time, and the chick had been pretty smug when Portland got called for a no-goal in the third. So when I started screaming along with the other Hawks fans, she got real quiet. HAHAHAHAHA.

For your viewing pleasure:

Neither team scored in overtime, so it went into a shoot out. Jacob Berglund (who is quite the little Datsyuk) scored after Seattle and Francis once again saves the say with the second and final goal. The crowd went insane and the Seattle fans next to me got up and left without a word. Heehee. Oh, it was such an amazing night. I'm so glad I was able to be there for it, especially now that we've lost Mucha.

The game was at the Rose Garden. I got us seats in the 200 level, which turned out to be pretty good. I've seen hockey games in four different arenas: the Ice Palace, the Rose Garden, the Memorial Coliseum and the Mountain View Ice Arena, and while the hockey out here is not quite the same as NHL hockey in an NHL arena, it's still wonderful in its own right. I've only ever sat in the nosebleeds of the Ice Palace, and am perfectly content with that. I don't really think there's such a thing as bad seats at a hockey game. Just being there is enough. But the nosebleeds at the Rose Garden and the Coliseum are more like chin bleeds, and the seats at the Mountain View in Vancouver is just one small section of benches on one side of the tiny rink.

The 200 level seats I got at the Garden were really nice. Here are some shots:



This gives you an idea of what the view was like from our seats. I really like this section because you can see the goal pretty well, but when I chose these tickets, I thought they were near the players' bench. Good to know for next time! I like to watch them think about what they've done when they get sent to the box.

Much to my sister's (and, if she were there, Julie's) horror, Tom-A-Hawk showed up. He managed to get the Seattle fan next to me to go over and pretend-fight him, except the Seattle fan got a little too into it and punched him in the beak. I almost pissed my pants from laughing so hard.

Kurtis Mucha and captain Brett Ponich:

As I said, it was a pretty amazing game, and I'm so glad I was there to see it. R and I are going to tomorrow night's game vs the Regina Pats. Expect more pictures and updates in the days to come.

I must toddle off now. I'm taking my mom swimming tomorrow morning and I really should track down my bathing suit.

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