Thursday, September 27, 2012

Second Stranger

I started this 100 Strangers photography project (via Flickr) a couple of years ago. The idea is to hone your photography and social skills by approaching total strangers and asking to take their picture. I'm a social reject, but I need to build up my people photography portfolio, so I decided to give it a try.

My first photograph was two years ago at a Robin Hood festival. A woman spinning alpaca fur into yarn.

So I figured it was time to get my second stranger. I stopped to talk to this man and find out when he and his (very small) group get together to protest. I've seen them around a couple of times, but thinking back, I'm always fuzzy on the date/time.

We had a little chat and I thanked him for his time and said that my sister and I would try and join them next week.

I forgot to ask his name, but I can remedy that next week.

P.S. I took this photo with my iPhone, which I (personally) don't think counts as a real photograph (fuck digital) but I think the image is important to share.

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