Sunday, May 6, 2012

Perigee and the Playoffs

Game 3 of the WHL Championship series tonight! Portland Winterhawks vs the Edmonton Oil Kings.  This time around, I'm bringing a posse: three friends and two of their kids. That's right, it's girls' night for hockey. I would like to stress that I mean that in an entirely non-puck bunny kind of way. Even if these guys weren't jail bait, I go to hockey for hockey.

I'm excited because playoff games are so much more intense than regular season games, and the crowds are really into it. It still pisses me off that hardly anybody shows up to the games until the Hawks make the playoffs, but whatever. I'm always there, if my schedule/budget allows for it.

Last night was the supermoon, but I didn't see it in its super stage because of the goddamn clouds. It was still a lovely sight, and I got one decent digital shot of it.

Supermoon is super. Thanks for asking!

I'm incredibly excited for this Halloween: I've taken a week off and a good friend of mine is flying out for a visit. We're going to be Laverne and Shirley for Halloween and it is going to be awesome. I can't wait. Halloween is my favorite "holiday," and nobody ever wants to do anything fun. I think it would kick ass to dress up in L&S's bowling outfits and actually go bowling...

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