Monday, June 13, 2016

Rock 'n Stroll

The other morning, after I got home from work, my husband and I took the dogs for a walk at our favorite park. (It's a couple of blocks from our favorite comic book shop.) We climbed down a steep trail and over giant rocks to get to the river.  Bummer fell in a couple of times because I wasn't watching him close enough, but he didn't seem to mind the water all that much.  I think if I went in with him, he would swim with me. 

We ended up walking three miles, and the next day I was sore everywhere from climbing around like a monkey.  A little reminder that I'm not young anymore.  Though my heart may be all for adventuring, my body isn't quite as up for the hard core stuff these days.  

The good news is, I've lost almost ten pounds since I started being diligent about lowering my blood pressure without medication.  Our daily walks are doing a lot of good, and I plan to start doing pilates again this week, plus yoga.  That will help immensely. 

Sunday was spent binge watching "Under the Dome," so all in all, it was a pretty good weekend. 

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