Sunday, April 27, 2014

7 days, 13 hours, 58 minutes...

The wedding is in exactly seven days. I'll probably get nervous as the week goes on, but only about the social aspect of the thing. I've never been one who likes attention, in fact I've spent most of my forty years trying my best to be invisible. I'm not overly emotional, and I have a hard time expressing myself, especially in front of others. So the thought of standing in front of a small group of people, all of whom I love with all my heart, makes me want to die.

We're thinking of just having BikerGuy say "Do you?" and we say yep, exchange rings and that's it. We'll exchange our vows later, when we're alone. Folks may not like it, but that's ok. There's nothing typical about this wedding.

I find myself a lot less anxious about things since RockerBoy and I finally got our own place. Ten days to a year ago since he got here, actually. It's a great apartment, just around the corner from where we crashed for four months with friends. It's two bedroom, two baths on the second floor, which means I have to carry Tank up and down the stairs to go potty. I don't mind; it's good exercise.

We've slowly been making it into a home, though our only furniture was a chair and an antique desk I bought last summer. Thankfully, a good friend from work gave us her barely used queen sized Beauty Rest bed and John's coworker (who is also our neighbor) gave us his old recliner yesterday. Some wedding gifts have been arriving and we allowed ourselves the luxury of opening a few.

I ordered all of our wedding stuff off of etsy: our wedding rings (see Stormtrooper picture), my wedding dress (on its way), RockerBoy's wedding shirt, the Best Man shirt we got for BikerGuy. So far, so good.

Starting Friday,  RockerBoy and I both have the week off, and friends and family start arriving soon. His parents are driving their fifth wheel out here from Illinois,  but everyone else is flying.

I'm excited to see everyone, my best friend in particular. I haven't seen her in 13 years.

It's going to be a long week...

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