Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day Zero

Today I start my list: 101 Things in 1001 Days (aka Day Zero). I'm still working on getting my list up, officially, on the site, but my first goal (tentatively) is to start my 100 Strangers project by (wait for it) taking a photograph of a stranger. I had planned on taking the train in to work tonight and selecting a victim from one of my fellow passengers, but I found out at the last minute that the Portland Firefighters Hockey Club is having a game tonight. It's the first one of the season and it ends about an hour before I have to clock in at work, so I'm absolutely going to that. Can't miss it!

Today is Curly Joe's 2nd birthday, so I did up a post for him. Hadn't updated since summer, hello ADD!

What else? I've officially lost 37 pounds in less than a year. I never thought I'd say it, but thank gad for ADD. My sister comments daily on how much thinner I am, but I still don't really see it. Then I realize I can't walk around with my iPhone in my pocket because it makes my pants fall down. I've gone down about five or six pant sizes, I think. I hate fashion and shopping for clothes, so I'm not really sure how the sizing goes. I do know that I refuse to buy new jeans, so I'm just going to have to get myself a belt. I haven't worn one since I was 11.

I've still just been doing pilates, though not very often. I do maybe 15 minutes of it twice a week? I did 20 minutes on the elliptical last week, as a warm up for the pilates. My sis got this CheLean? workout that our friend LaShea suggested. She's been doing it for a month and has some wicked guns in the works. Very motivating.

I try and go about this weight loss in a healthy way, but most of this is due to the Dexedrine. I have no appetite and rarely have time to eat anything significant. If my doctor knew, she'd be pissed. Mostly I'll have an Odwalla bar on the way out the door to work, then my typical work lunch (rice, some sort of fake meat, big salad with sunflower seeds, tomatoes, cukes, etc). Later on in the night, Rene and I will trot into the break room and have some Skittles. Then I go home and have a piece of bread or nothing, feed the animals and hit the hay. This week I've been trying to eat more, so I have oatmeal when I get home. Both my and my sister's cars are dead, so I haven't had the means or money to go out and buy provisions. I don't have any salad fixings, so I've just been eating brown rice with Braggs amino acids for lunch. Last night I caved and got an 80 cent bag of Fritos from the vending machine at work.

When Rene couldn't drive me to work last week, I took the train. AND I LOVE IT. One night I got off at the stop before mine and stopped in a Starbucks for a soy chai latte. I felt like a hipster asshole, but I got in an hour and a half early and my badge doesn't work until 9 p.m. So I sat there and read for a while, drinking my tea and thinking about how strange it was to feel like a normal human being. Things you guys take for granted (like figuring out train schedules and riding public transportation by yourself) are like little miracles to me. I still can't believe I did it.

At around 9:00, the Starbucks people said they were closing, so I packed up my stuff, put my water and my tea in the drink thingies on each side of my backpack and hoofed it to work. It was a bit cold and rainy, but I had my boonie hat and my Midwestern hide. At a brisk walk, it took me 20 minutes to work. I felt good, though. I sit most of the night at work, so any chance I can get to stretch and move my legs, I relish.

Anyway, my point is, now that my sister's van is more or less fixed, I'm going to just drive 15 minutes to the transit center and then take the train to and from work. It takes an hour, but I don't care. I've fallen in love with just sitting and not having to worry about traffic or filling up the gas tank.

Ok, shutting up now. I've had to pee for the last half hour.

Oh! Before I forget, I'm going to roller derby this weekend! The High Rollers vs the Guns n Rollers. Nevermind. The bout is sold out.

I've thought a little bit about what I might call myself if I got into a league. Bitch Cassidy has a nice ring to it. That's another thing on my 101 Things list: try out/join a roller derby (and/or dodgeball) team.

P.S. Last night I processed a histo for a hermaphrodite dog. I called it a hermaphrodog. The genitals were in histo jar, but the formalin was too murky for me to get a good look at things. Could have been testes. Could have been something uterine. It all added up to ten kinds of awesome. And then there was the cat leg I had to pack up. But first I had to drain all the bloody fluid out of the bag. I haven't eaten meat in 20 years, and what I was working with looked like raw chicken with a paw attached. I came very close to yacking several times. Oh, and did I mention I also had to process a spleen roughly THE SIZE OF MY HEAD? I swear to fucking god, the only time we ever get random limbs and little jars of horror are the days I have the histo rotation. WTFBBQ?

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