Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Icy balm

The Wings lost 6 - 0 last night. Owwwwwwww, my heart.

The best remedy for *cough*bad*cough* hockey is ... more hockey. So tonight before work, I'm going to the firefighter' last regular season game. They're up against 3rd Rock who, by some amazing coincidence, are third in the standing. I imagine they all look like John Lithgow.

I dropped my iPhone at work last night and now the screen is fucked. I can turn the phone on and click around, but the screen just stays grey. Or blue. Or light purple. Sooo ... shit. Guess I have to give AT&T a call. I don't like not having a phone. I feel safer knowing help is only a phone call away at any given time. Ergh.

R got us all Voodoo Doughnuts last night, and was kind enough to get two vegan ones for me. I ate half of one on my break because I hadn't eaten since lunch the day before.

On that note, I've been playing around with my Dexedrine spansules. I've been taking 20mg at once and it worked pretty well for several months, but a friend of mine takes 15mg and then 10mg an hour later (I believe), so I thought I would try that. I had to get my Rx refilled yesterday, so I took one spansule when picked them up and another an hour and a half later. I picked a great time to experiment; things have been picking up at work, and we were really overwhelmed last night. I was able to focus really well and get a lot done. I was still a half hour past my scheduled time, but oh well. I need the overtime. Too bad the company forbids it. I think if any of those pigfuckers in Corporate had to work night shift, they'd seriously reconsider that little rule.

But I digress. I do tend to get hyperfocused a lot at work. You wouldn't normally think that's a bad thing, but if my supervisor and or/co-workers didn't remind me, I'd work straight through my lunch. I've lost 30 pound since being diagnosed with ADHD almost a year ago (January 24th). I started taking the instant release Dexedrine in February and switched to spansules in May. Needless to say, I wouldn't have lost this much (or any?) weight if it hadn't been for the meds. As if literal peace of mind weren't enough, they help me not stuff my face with food every time I'm stressed out. I have found that, when I take a day or two off from the meds, I'm still able to eat reasonably.

Anyway, the dogs are staring at me, so I'd better feed them before they eat one of the cats. I let them out when I got home and Curly Joe wiped out trying to run up onto the porch. From where I was standing, it looked like somebody threw him at the house; I laughed so hard, I woke up my sister.

Oh! Wait! Some lovely hockey news:

Winterhawks Place 5 On NHL's Top-100 Draft List
POSTED: 11:46 am PST January 12, 2010

The NHL's Central Scouting Bureau has released its mid-term draft rankings, and five Portland Winterhawks players are among the top-100 draft eligible skaters. Forward Nino Niederreiter is ranked No. 14, center Ryan Johansen is ranked No. 16, defenseman Troy Rutkowski is ranked No. 43, forward Brad Ross is No. 69 and defenseman Taylor Aronson is No. 90. No other Western Hockey League club has more than three skaters among the top 100. The NHL Draft is scheduled for June 25 and 26 in Los Angeles. The Winterhawks visit Kamloops on Wednesday.

My baby hockey is better than your baby hockey! Thhhhpppphhhhtt!

Gad, I hope I can get my phone fixed.

P.S. Watch this. Repeatedly.

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