Monday, March 12, 2012

In music the passions enjoy themselves.

Some friends and I met up at Chopsticks II  last night to celebrate two birthdays (mine on the 7th, John's on the 25th) and do karaoke. I've never done it before, but I wasn't feeling too terribly nervous about it. Then my friend bought me a Blue Hawaii and by the time they called me up, I was feeling pretty unscared.

I decided last month that I would only do karaoke if I could sing Led Zeppelin's "Fool in the Rain."  Imagine my surprise (and dismay) when I found that Chopsticks had it in their song book.

Oh and before I sang, I had also done a blow job shot from betwixt my friend's boobs.  At Chopsticks, you get one free on your birthday. I'd never done a shot before, blow job or otherwise, so I was a little nervous. I guess with the blow job, you place the shot glass on someone's lap and have to shoot it without using your hands. I decided to go for my friend's boobs instead. It just seemed funnier that way. Also, the shot was in no way vegan, but I was too buzzed to register that.  I was also made to shoot a duck fart later at the gay bar where I went to Zombie Prom last Halloween, and apparently that isn't vegan, either.

Still, I had a lot of fun, and I can't wait to do it again. Which is huge for me because I'm incredibly shy and I can't sing for SHIT. I'm all about conquering fears these days. It's hard, but I'm getting through okay.

I have therapy today at 1:45, which is insane, but I'm hoping to squeeze in a nap before work. I work tonight and Tuesday, then I'm off until next Monday. Wednesday I see my ADHD doctor for my three month med consult, and Thursday morning I'm heading down to Salem to visit with friends and continue on to Cottage Grove where I will be seeing the all-female Led Zeppelin cover band, Zeparalla.

Saturday night I am heading to the Wonder Ballroom to see K.M.R.I.A., our local Pogues tribute band, and Sunday my friend and I will be doing the Shamrock Run. I hope I survive this vacation!

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